Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly Hotel June LakeWe love your dogs. We have discovered that only the good dogs get to take their owners on vacation.

Please notify us in advance that Fido will be coming as we have special rooms for allergy sufferers.

Fido Friendly Motel June Lake CAWe must ask that you do not leave your pets alone in the room. They get scared in a strange place and bark! Remember they took you on vacation to hang out with the people they love.


The management at The Gull Lake Lodge is happy to welcome your pet when you come to stay with us. We strongly urge you to read these guidelines prior to bringing your pet to the property.
Your pet is NOT permitted to freely roam the property unsupervised.
Pets are NOT permitted on beds and furniture without protection from dog hair(ask if you need sheets)
If left unattended in your room, you are required to advise the front desk that your pet is being left alone and

  1.   Your pet MUST be caged/kenneled
  2.   You must provide a mobile number where you can be reached while you are away. In the event your pet becomes distressed or disruptive, you will be expected to return to your room and attend to your pet.

Please note that The Gull Lake Lodge may update and amend these Terms from time to time. If you have a question, or have a special circumstance not addressed here, please contact us for assistance.